Opening the Door (2017)

Opening the Door Dance Performances

Opening the Door is an extension of my work on Justice. If we wish to live in a more just, loving and peaceful world, we must look within ourselves with the same justice.

You must open the door to your own self and unpack – unpack everything painful or shameful in which you were victim, perpetrator, or both. Unpack everything beautiful, and sacred that was always too much to hold. Look carefully at each piece that comes from within. Love it if you can, but if you can’t yet, at least get past hating it. Fear it if you must but at least look at it and recognize that you are afraid. Try, though you often fail, try every day to be daring enough to go about your business while holding your insides in your hands. Don’t stuff them back behind the doors. When you can, set your pieces down and walk away, yes even the sacred things. What flows through the empty space within you that is left behind will be far more sacred. When your hands are empty of these, you can use them for your truest work. Each piece you’ve walked away from will bring all of us closer to justice, and the real work your hands begin will bring us closer still.