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PISLAP Article Features My Call to Use Art to Share Vision

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detail from "Lady Justice" (2015)

Kim Vanderheiden, detail from “Lady Justice” (2015) 70×100 inches, acrylic, letterpress, pen & ink, solar etching, pencil, watercolor on torn paper collage

An in-depth article I wrote for the Project for Integrating Spirituality, Law and Politics (PISLAP) was just published. In it I talk about the origins of the justice work that I’ve made, and call for making use of art, whether mine or others, to share a positive vision forward. The newsletter also shares an update on Restorative Justice DC, a book review of Transforming Justice, Lawyers and the Practice of Law, and the artwork of Brad Heckman. Please take a look:


The Right to Remain Human now open at Dominican University

Share: “Kim Vanderheiden: The Right to Remain Human” opening reception tonight at Dominican University in San Rafael. You have a right to remain human. What you say can and will be heard by people who care about you. You have the right to kindness, dignity, and connection to others. If you have caused harm through […]


The Right to Remain Human to Open at Dominican University

Share: Dates are now firm at Dominican University’s San Marco Gallery – “Kim Vanderheiden: The Right to Remain Human” showing from January 17th – March 18th, 2017. The opening reception is on Thursday January 26th, 4-6 pm, in the San Rafael, California. The San Marco Gallery is located on campus at the main entry of […]


Damian: portrait of an ISIS recruit, and a mother’s child

Share: Damian grew up in Calgary, Canada. After a period of severe depression as a teen that led to a suicide attempt after his 17th birthday, he converted to Islam. As his outlook became more positive, and he began to heal and socialize again, his family supported his new faith. After Damian moved away from […]


“Baby Zika” #2 in Blanket Project

Share: For the children disabled by Zika and their families, in whichever country they live, that they may receive needed care and support throughout their lifetimes. The Blanket Project is based on the swaddling blanket that many local children receive from hospitals as newborns. There are some people we feel great compassion for but don’t […]


3 Portraits, 3 Stories

Share: The other day I posted about the ongoing portrait project by artist Joe Ramos. I really wanted to include some of his subject’s stories. Scroll down for where you can see his work this week in person. Here are the stories: Graham “Graham came to Project Homeless Connect dressed neatly in a tie and […]


Joe Ramos: The beauty of people … who live without a home.

Share:   Ensuring the right to remain human is a struggle for justice that extends beyond the legal system and into our neighborhoods. San Francisco artist Joe Ramos upholds the humanness of people who are often categorized, overlooked and sadly, even sometimes despised. Ramos’s work is featured in a current show, “A Home for the […]


Justice Conversation

Share: Do you have an idea, a quote, an author, a story, an image to share relating to any one of our justice systems? Please join the conversation! You can also add by emailing me at “justice at kim vanderheiden dot com.” I will kick things off by sharing why I have this page. When […]


Opening at Eddie Rhodes Gallery …

Share: Eddie Rhodes Gallery, Contra Costa College 2600 Mission Bell Dr. Art Building, Room A-5 San Pablo, CA 94806 Reception:  March 17th 1-4 p.m. Salon: April 2nd 5-7 p.m. We will make a community art piece of torn paper and pieces of the justice conversation at both the reception and the salon. See you there!


Take a Breath

Share: Here is my mandala in progress. It shows the circular set of scales that I drew in the Lady Justice redepiction, but looking down from the top. The nest woven around it has this poem that I wrote, that I thought might be fun to share: Take a Breath Take a breath with each […]